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Be the ‘the best’ type. Strive to deliver nothing short of incredible. There is quite a difference between providing a service and providing an experience.

A service is fixing the problem, or selling as asked. It’s the reliable, well maintained Toyota Tazz that takes you from Johannesburg to Durban with no hassles. Great.

An experience, on the other hand, is the BMW M4 that feels like a plane upon entry into the cockpit (that’s exactly what they call it, the cockpit).

The feeling of power in your hands when it roars upon ignition. It’s that status and respect it is afforded on the highway that has others removing themselves from the fast lane. Hardly feeling a single bump on the road. Immediate aircon. Seat warmer. Seat memory. Connection to phone. Cup holders. Arm rest. Little things.

Brilliance isn’t about getting your customer there, it’s how you make them feel on the way there. Upon opening their profile, did you notice that it’s their birthday and wish them well? Did you match the excitement in their voice when they mentioned that they just adopted a puppy and your product will assist with something related to that, or were you rushing to beat average handling time that you handled customer averagely?


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