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Updated: Jan 8

This speaks to upholding laws, mannerisms, etiquette, verbal and non-verbal communication in and out of office.

How do you carry yourself as an ambassador of the brand outside of the company? Do you have people aspire to work where you work because of the aura that you exude?

What about inside the company? On-the-job? Especially because customer care representatives are considered “bottom of the totem pole”… do you see a need to carry yourself with class and poise? Do you see the need to learn the language that the executives speak? Do you see the need to groom, and look good? I mean, if you’re taking calls, nobody sees you. Do you see a need to adhere to standard operating procedures? What about general etiquette? Chair leaning all the way back. Gum. Chats while serving. Do you see a need to behave as though you hold a position that you aren’t yet? You should.

Advancement and progression doesn’t only come from just doing the work. It’s also in the way you do it. Your presence. Don’t let this be the conversation about you; “Which Adam? The dirty Adam”. Don’t be Dirty Adam. He isn’t easy to want to pull up. Even when he kills it on his calls.


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