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Updated: Jan 8

Why? What is your why? What reason do you have to be absolutely awesome?

When you know your why, your how has greater impact because then you find cause to walk in and towards your purpose.

The manner in which you decide to show up sets the tone for your day. Many of us arrive already having decided just how much we hate our jobs and customers (or even lives), so we go on in anticipation of a horrible commute, stale conversations, difficult customers, annoying manager. Subconsciously, we have decided on creating a reality that doesn’t allow for us to arrive prepared to kick ass.

Ambition lends itself to Arrival. Your Why works in accordance with your What. When you know what you want, you will know why you need to behave, speak, act, appear a certain way. You will know why you need to push through certain obstacles, why you need to learn, why you need to stay prepared, why you need to fix attitude and offer an extra mile. Ambition gives arrival sense.

Know your why. When you fully understand why what you do is important (not just for your customers, and employers but yourself too), the manner in which you do it changes.


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