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Updated: Jan 8

Always take responsibility to own and resolve your customer’s query to the best of your ability without shifting blame, or putting the company’s name into disrepute. You are the company’s brand ambassador.

To a large extent, you are the brand.

Disrespecting customers is unacceptable. Inversely, saying “I will gladly assist, I really don’t know what this company is doing, always messing up” will do you little to no good too. Sure you might make the customer feel that personally you empathize with them, but you will give them reason to start looking for a similar service elsewhere, irrespective of whether or not you resolved the query.

Yes you built a rapport, but you’ve planted the seed that there is something wrong with the company - jump ship. Losing a single customer where you have hundreds of thousands, doesn’t seem like a dent at all, but in this online community, all it takes is a single review or rant from one influential figure to bring your company to its knees.

Every time you interact with a customer, the company is entrusting you with not just the customer’s money, but their emotions, time and future business (including referred new customers).

All that considered, can your organization really rely on you to run your portion of the company?


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